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    OS/MVS was IBM’s primary mainframe OS for decades.

    “Multiple Virtual Space. Virtual storage OS for IBM 370, derived from MVT. Originally called VS2, Release 2. First release 1974.”w80 Professor Jim Mooney’s list of Batch Systems for Large Computers


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Intended purpose

server/mainframe: medium to large scale servers; mainframes (originally a batch system)

desktop/workstation: workstations (for those with command line familiarity)

handheld: not appropriate

real time: not appropriate

Kind of OS: proprietary

Release Date: initial release 1974w80

Current Version: 5.2e109


Hardware Supported: System/360 mainframes, System/370 mainframes, System/390 mainframes (and compatibles)e109

Maximum Number of Processors: “MVS can handle multiple sysplex processors (in parallel)” — Pat Jaworskie109

Number of bits:

Kernel: proprietary

POSIX: certifiede56

    “Interestingly enough, IBM’s MVS mainframe operating system is now X/Open branded.” — Steve Byane56


File Systems Supported:

Other Systems Emulated:

Graphics Engine:

Text Command Shell: JCL

User Interface (graphic):

Graphic Command Shell:

Disabled support:

Internet Services:

Application Programs:



    “A mainframe can be a great back-end to a mission critical enterprise database system. All you need on the client end is an OS/2, AIX, Windoze9x/NT workstation (or vitually ANY PC or home computer capable of TN3270 protocol).” — Pat Jaworskie109


    Scherr, A.L. Functional structure of IBM virtual storage operating systems. Part II: OS/VS2-2 concepts and philosophies. IBMSJ Vol. 12, No. 4, 1973, pp. 383-401.
    Auslander, M.A., et al. The Evolution of the MVS Operating System. IBMJRD, Vol. 25, No. 5, Sept. 1981, pp. 471-482.

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    MVS and Unix: A Survival Handbook for Multi-Platform Users, Developers, and Managers (McGraw-Hill IBM Series); by Richard J. Bambara; Computing McGraw-Hill; May 1998; ISBN 0070066639; paperback; 560 pages; $65.00

Essential System Administration: Help for Unix System Administrators (Nutshell Handbook); 2nd edition; by Aeleen Frisch; O’Reilly & Associates; December 1996; ISBN 1565921275; paperback; 788 pages; $27.96

The Complete Guide to Netware 4.11/Intranetware; 2nd edition; by James E. Gaskin; Sybex; December 1996; ISBN 078211931X; paperback; $47.99; includes information on getting NetWare working with Windows, Macintosh, UNIX, and OS/2

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Building a Unix Internet Server; by George Eckel; New Riders Publishing; June 1995; ISBN 1562054945; paperback (with CD-ROM); 325 pages; $30.40

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Advanced Programming in the Unix Environment (Addison-Wesley Professional Computing Series); by W. Richard Stevens; Addison-Wesley Pub Co; June 1992; ISBN 0201563177; hardcover; 744 pages; $63.95

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