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    “Syllable is a free software hobby operating system for Intel x86 Pentium and compatible processors. Its purpose is to create an easy-to-use desktop operating-system for the home and small office user. It was forked from the AtheOS operating system in July 2002.” —Wikipediaw92


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Intended purpose

server/mainframe: not appropriate

desktop/workstation: hobbyist desktop

handheld: not appropriate

real time: not appropriate

Kind of OS: hobbyist

Release Date: July 2002

Current Version: 0.5.4e133

    “Just wanted to let you know that Syllable 0.5.4 has been released this month, and it is a major improvement. It’s still useful mostly to developers but we’re cruising full throttle. Older and archaic parts of the project are being cut off and rewritten; we will be dropping the old ABrowse, as it seems now, in favour of Mozilla port followed by a native browser platform based on Mozilla. Arno’s dock (the top bar you can see on the screenshot on your page) has now replaced the old ugly Launcher interface. There are other major improvements and bug resolutions. There’s also a LiveCD project going on.” —Syllable updatee133

Cost: free

Hardware Supported: Intel x86 Pentium

Maximum Number of Processors:

“Symmetric multiprocessing (multiple processor) support” —Wikipediaw92

Number of bits:

Kernel: open source

“Pre-emptive multitasking with multithreading” —Wikipediaw92

POSIX: “mostly POSIX compliant” —Wikipediaw92

    “C++ oriented API” —Wikipediaw92

Peripherals: “Syllable now supports most popular network cards, most video cards including all of NVidia NV chip based cards, major sound cards, ATA chipsets, and limited set of USB devices. We are looking for volunteers on PCMCIA subsystem and a driver set.” —Syllable updatee133

File Systems Supported:

    “[Has] its own native 64-bit journaled file system, the AtheOS File System (usually called AFS)” —Wikipediaw92

Other Systems Emulated:

Graphics Engine: “Syllable has its own streamlined, high performance GUI written in C++ with high level of abstraction. Syllable is free from X Windowing System, so toolkits were not and never will be an issue. Work on SDL port is in progress.” —Syllable updatee133

Text Command Shell: UNIX shells

User Interface (graphic): “Syllable is built with its own united desktop architecture that is implemented in the application server. The desktop and the windowing system have all normal functionality present in other windowing system. Active development on special enhancements is underway.” —Syllable updatee133

    “Legacy-free, object-oriented graphical desktop environment on a native gui architecture” —Wikipediaw92

Syllable screen shot

click on the preview image for a larger version

Graphic Command Shell:

Disabled support:

Internet Services: “Syllable is POSIX compatible and most *NIX software compiles with little porting effort. All major services such as apache and bind are available under Syllable. The old AtheOS browser has outlived itself, and a new one is being prepared.” —Syllable updatee133

    “It has a native web browser called ABrowse.” —Wikipediaw92

Application Programs: “Syllable has media players, native e-mail client, native browser, and a healthy bunch of other applications. More applications, including a major IDE, are being developed. There are numerous ports of non-native software.” —Syllable updatee133

Security: “Syllable was not initially designed to be extremely secure by its original author, but the developers take issue seriously. A separate project has been set up to integrate security into Syllable while it’s still in development.” —Syllable updatee133



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official web sites

    http://syllable.org “Syllable OS homepage”


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other related web sites

    http://www.atheos.cx “AtheOS homepage, currently defunct”

    http://kamidake.other-space.com/ “Syllable software”

    http://www.osnews.com/story.php?news_id=3802 “Interview with Syllable’s Kristian Van Der Vliet”

    http://www.osnews.com/story.php?news_id=7900 “Introduction to Syllable’s features, and the 0.5.3 release”

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