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    Content creation is closely associated with web serving, as the content is what the server is serving.

Google is used in more than 300 colleges and universities around the world

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    By no means is it necessary that the same operating system be used for both content creation and web serving, but the two have to be compatible. And there are advantages, especially for smaller organizations, in using the same operating system for both functions — as long as the operating system chosen is adequate to both jobs.

     The Macintosh is the operating system of choice for content creation. While less than 15% of desktop computers are Macintoshes, in the creative (web production, 3-D modelling, rendering, and animation, 2-D animation, video and film editting, video and film special effects, music composition, performance, and recording, illustration, print and prepress, digital photography, and multi-media production) and scientific (research and applied science, mathematics, statistics, and engineering) communities the Macintosh is used by 50% to 97% (depending on which field is discussed).

     “After two decades of supplying boring beige boxes, PC makers have begun to add a bit of color and style to their lines, following the runaway success of Apple’s iMac line, a candy-colored machine designed for consumers that was not simply a repackaged business box. Industrial design isn’t the only selling point. A fundamental shift in computing has occurred. For business users and consumers alike, what matters is being connected to the Web, not the raw processing power of the desktop computer. The most intriguing new technologies aren’t spreadsheets or word-processing programs, or the latest updates to Windows. Digital photography, digital music, desktop video editing, and high speed internet access are where the action is. A top-flight desktop computer or notebook is nice to have, but what makes that technology really rock is all the gear that goes with it. Computer manufacturers have altered their product lines in recognition of that trend. Apple’s top-end consumer model, the iMac DV Special Edition, comes with a stellar sound system, high-speed FireWire ports for transferring video, and the company’s iMovie software for editing movies. Sony has a similar strategy with VAIO desktop models configured for video editing that sport a huge hard drive, high-speed i.LINK [FireWire] ports, and dual CD/DVD drives.” —Fortune Technology Guidem2

    After numerous requests for specific recommendations, now includes recommended systems for different kinds of content creation. See each individual web page for the recommendations for each field of content creation. is used in more than 300 colleges and universities around the world

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