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The Mac Is Not a Typewriter:

A Style Manual for Creating Professional-Level Type on Your MacIntosh

by Robin Williams

    The title is misleading, as this book was originally written when the desktop publishing industry was just taking off and Macs were the machines driving that new field. Just about everything in this book applies to any platform that supports proportional fonts, WYSIWYG word processing, and typographical characters.

    The title of the book refers to habits acquired from the typewriter world that persist in the word processing world, such as using two spaces between sentences or using the inch and foot mark (" and ') instead of the single and double quotation marks (“ and ” and ‘ and ’). The book then goes into common amateur mistakes with word processing features, such as the use of a circus of fonts.

    Divided into small easily understood sections of a page or two, this book goes step by step through the common mistakes that apperar in amateur word processing, showing the little details that add up to a professional looking and polished presentation.

    Just about anyone who uses a computer can benefit from this book. After just 10-15 minutes of light reading, all of your written documents (from the smallest memos to large scale works) will be much more polished and professional.

    The Mac Is Not a Typewriter: A Style Manual for Creating Professional-Level Type on Your MacIntosh; by Robin Williams; Peachpit Press; November 1990; ISBN 0938151312; paperback; 72 pages; $7.96

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